Thursday, November 11, 2010

Charlie my love,
It's been a miserable couple of days I've been looking for a C for your wall I've created w/your photos and personal memorabilia. I've been debating wether or not I should give your IPOD to Ro well it was hers originally and then it fell into your hands so I say it's yours. I think maybe I'll help her get a new one of her own, we'll c. It's just so hard to let any of your stuff go. I went to look for your glasses the other day your red and black one's not the new one's the old one's and I found out your dad took em when we were in the hospital he had asked and I told him we'll see. In reality I didn't want to share anything with him. I know it's selfish right but how could I give something like that away so personal and something you wore everyday for more than a year. I am beyond pissed that they are gone, having your other 2 doesn't matter b/c those are the one's you wore the longest :( I miss you so much and I've been keeping busy cleaning the house a lot lately, redecorating, and I know in my mind I'll need to slow down but right know it makes me feel ok so I'll continue for now. I wanted to leave you with a pic of your wall I got most of it done and the best part I got you a red heart and a red butterfly... I saw em and I knew I had to have em on top of being your fav color they had meaning :| Sorry about the stupid flash glare :(

Your lil baby eating is fav meal you put em on to!!!

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  1. Dear Mary!

    You don't know me and I don't know you other from this blog I ended up on through MScraps.
    I read through part of your blog, but just can't finish it as I'm already balling my eyes out reading all the love you have for your daughter and the pain you're going through.
    I'm sure your daughter sees everything you're doing and continues to love you as much as you love her.
    I just want to give you a big hug and wish you all the strength to cope with your loss.

    Petra aka Dutch_Diva @ MScraps