Monday, November 15, 2010

Giving Thanks

Charlie, My love I'm so sick I feel like crap literally. Today I didn't get out of bed till 12:00 sad I know or For Shame as you would say it For Shame!! I'll keep it simple, k

I have given Thanks by making a card on our behalf since I can't physically shake anyone's hands or hug them but I am cyber hugging them ;)
Journaling says... Words will never be enough to express how truly Thankful my family and I are. The out pooring of support from the digital community has been so heartfelt and downright inspiring. I wanted to give A special Thank you to Joyce of MScraps for putting this all together by contacting the designers I am on a creative team for, Sweet Shoppe Designs owner Robin C and Scrap Orchard Owners Mel & Kami for hosting the sale of the Charity kit in you stores. Bless you all. Hugs

I found this photo of you and your lil baby Mason from last year when we went to the Big E it' truly breaks my heart b/c he misses you so much if you could see his lil face when Gio asks him if he misses you he'll show him your picture and he puts his head down, closes his eyes and says yes I miss Lali :( then Gio says I do to, I do to.. My heart aches when I hear them. Gio thinks I'm sleeping when he walks into my room and does this but i'm not I hear him all the time. I tell him I love him and give him a big hug :| I don't Gio will ever let him forgot you and that's a wonderful thing!!

This is such a sweet and tender moment. I wanted to share it with you once again My Love.
I'm thinking of you always.. Love you

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