Monday, May 23, 2011

Donor Family Gathering...

Charlie, We went to celebrate your donation of life to so many. While I sat their at the gathering my mind was wondering. I asked my self over and over why can we give some one your liver, lungs, heart, kidney, tissue and bone but we couldn't get/give you a new brain? Why?
Is this some cruel joke? That only I don't get, why do these donor recipients and their family get to be so happy and I suffer my loss every second, minute, moment of the day.
I try to get by knowing you did an amazing thing but it's so hard not to be selfish, I miss you and would much rather still have you here making me laugh, listening to you growl and watchin you walk out the door wearing your dress to go to your upcoming senior banquet. sigghhhh It's just so hard knowing everything i'm missing and they have gained so much... It's just not fair!!!

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