Monday, July 4, 2011

Charlie my love you did it and we were all so sad that you were n0t to here to enjoy the fruits of
your long hours of labor in school but we came out to support you hoping and wishing you
were with us in spirit. We love you and are so PROUD!!!
I could ramble for ever what this day meant to me with out you but i'll tell you in simple terms that Death changes and challenges everything about you and your life!
I've had the car like this since your grad 6.24 and not sure just yet when I'll wash it off but we'll see.
I have to say that I often sit and wonder what my life is like now and what is was like when you
were here and it SUX major monkey balls!!!

Everyday is a new reminder that you are missing and as the months pass I wish It could get
easier but I have my moments where I regress and then I have my moments where I snap out of
it and keep it movin. I wish I had the answer on why life has to be this way but sadly I don't who does? IDK!!!
I talk to other parents who understand my pain the loss of a child and we all wonder about the
same things, why why and why? I sometimes feel guilt because I want you to be here with us but then again I feel that where you are their are no worries, pain, sickness and I have to comfort
myself with knowing this because anything else would knock me over in a deep depression! sighhhhh... I wanted to share with you that Gio and Cely passed and Mason your lil boo will start pre-k next Aug. He still loves his hot dogs cut up and his boiled eggs in the morning He has fits when it's not done..... thanks so much for creating that lil monster part of him!!!

Our beings will always be missing you and thinking of you "/"

and I'll leave you with this..... It's so hard to do but great food for thought!!
Laugh when you can..✿. Apologize when you should..✿. And let go of what you can't change... Love deeply and forgive quickly... Take chances and give your everything..✿. Life is too short to be anything but happy...✿ You have to take the good with the bad...✿ Love what you have... Always remember what you had... Forgive and forget.✿..and always remember.. that life goes on..✿.

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