Saturday, November 27, 2010

Charlie my love, I've been struggling through the Holiday. I never made it to NC, I just couldn't without you. It's just to hard and I don't have the energy to be around my loved one's. Sad right, I know but I wanted to be here at home it's where I feel the most closest to you. I miss you so much right now. Cely and Gio talk about you all the time and it's so comforting yet like a stack of cards you blow a lil to hard and they come falling down, yeah that's me. It's hard I never imagined your loss would be so hard you just can't be replaced or brought back and that is what brings me down :( I miss you so much and so do the kids.
I want to share with you our Thanksgiving day

well the kids b/c they miss you so much toooooo.
It just wasn't the same without you, it's not like you went off to school, or moved away you can't imagine oh she's having an amazing day somewhere else you know. You wont get that Ham or Tamales you loved so much. I just can't imagine it that way b/c I know the truth and it sucks!!

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  1. Mary, I got a comment from you on my A Grieving Mommy blog and I just had to come and read about Charlie... I am soooo sorry. My heart is hurting for you - knowing what it's like to lose my 2 daughters - it is hell and I'm just so sorry she wasn't here for Thanksgiving.
    Just wanted you to know that there is someone else grieving out there and wanted to send you cyber hugs.
    From Denise - aka A Grieving Mommy