Monday, October 25, 2010

One month today :|

Today marks a month that you passed well 2 hrs and 42 mins more an it will be exactly a month! It's such a gloomy day outside kinda fitting my mood today to a T...
Today I was reading TCF's site because I needed some comfort today :| and I read this post
by another mom. . I can't post the whole thing here but the question afterward. Does anyone else feel this way?
Here's what I responded... Today is a month since I lost my Charlie and I am a different person because I remember everything she loved, liked, and loathed and when she's not here to express herself I have to remember it all and it makes me sad, cry and hate & all this makes me a different person....
and with this said I am so very pissed right now I've been contacting your dad through Ro for the past 2 weeks to get him to come through with what he said and may God give me strength to be a stronger and bigger person. 2 weeks is long enough for anyone to do what they said they were going to do without constant reminders we are adults not children and this is your wake up call!!!!

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