Monday, October 25, 2010

If you are reading this and following along my love here is a poem Our Shoes
We know you must feel awkward, tip toeing around us Staring at us like we’re a dam about to bust So afraid that you’ll be swept away In our tears’ tidal waves and if being around us makes you this timid Imagine if you took our chair and sat in it but you can’t be in our seat or wear our shoes Because they never come off once you do you have to wear them forever No way to kick them off whatsoever Trust us, we’ve all tried with no avail The harder you try the more you will fail You just have to accept it and walk a new pathAlthough every step feels like shards of glass that pierce deep through your skin and into your heart but you have to keep walking once you start and hope that you will just get used to the pain and start to grow Growth is for certain but honestly, the pain doesn’t go some days are easier than others, maybe tomorrow or the next But then you turn a corner and land wrong, can’t take another step We walk this path and hope that no one else ever has to As much as it hurts, if we could walk someone’s for them, we’d be glad to but in the end it comes down to the fact that these shoes were custom made nonrefundable no matter how many receipts you’ve saved even if when you first put them on, they’re a little frayed they are yours now, no in-store trade we may never know why we were chosen It’s just our destiny like Antarctica was meant to be frozen you will never understand us without wearing these shoes and truth be told, we no longer understand you we are stuck in the middle because we don’t even understand ourselves and it’s hard to remember time before we picked these shoes from the shelf The one thing we do understand, one of the only for certains is when we reach Oz there’s no man behind the curtain Just the knowing that we were picked because not many can handle this paththe whole time we feel God’s love although sometimes it feels like his wrath but in the end it will be worth every tear, every pain, and every single step because we are finally reunited with the angels we’ve kept in our hearts and our souls for the entire voyage and we can now take these shoes off and dance around joyous

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  1. Mary-
    We've never talked before and I've just read this beautiful blog you have written for your daughter. I am so sorry for your loss.

    But I'm writing you as a parent to a child who has received an organ transplant. My 10-year-old daughter has received two kidney transplants in her short lifetime. And while I don't know any of the recipients of your daughter's organs, I can say this... THANK YOU. Thank you for thinking of others during your time of pain and sorrow.

    Please know that Charlie is living on in each of those recipients and she is helping them make it through each day.

    My thoughts and prayers are with Charlie, you and your entire family.