Sunday, October 31, 2010


Charlie, my love I know how much you loved Halloween and it causes me angst this morning to get up and know that I'll be celebrating this day with the kids with out you. The joy it brought you is beyond my understanding but I know it brought you JOY so while I am out and about today I'll be thinking of you following us around and telling us scary stories and just stopping random people when you thought they had on a Bitchin' costume. Yeah you were like that you just didn't care you always said what was on your mind and that's what I loved about you Charlie your shear guts for just putting it all out their! I can still see you last year walking around with your bro's and sisters taking them by their hands and helping them along with their bags of candies while messing with them by telling them scary stuff but trying to protect Mason when he got scared by the scary stuff on the people's porches you crazy girl you.. So since I know how much you love Jack I thought it would only be right that I bring some of that to you today....

Random one

and I still have the Jack you bought at the Big E the night you came home you were so excited b/c you said you were considering this costume for this year and you already had your hand piece so he's in my room w/your roses since I know he brought you so much happiness on your last day on this earth :| I keep em close to me ....

This is how I feel not about Halloween but about everything that's going on in general

Foto from Flikr!!!

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