Friday, December 17, 2010


Charlie, my love my moods have been up and down as usual. I miss you so much right now at this moment. I'm in torment and it's not an easy day. I've been listening to your songs and it's just Hell to know that these were your most played songs but have meaning behind them. I do listen to this song that we both liked and it brings me to a more calm mood not a calming in my heart which I wish I could say is the place I will never be but my mood is more important right now because I am not alone here at home, I'm with your most favorite lil monster Mason he loves looking at your pictures and I do to even though they bring me much sorrow they are of you and the sadness that overwhelms me to know that you won't be in anymore of them well it's enough to make me scream obscenities for forever and ever :( Not cool right, I know I know but missing you is not cool either you not being here ahhhh It's just not right. I need your words of wisdom right now and when I think of what you would tell me all I can draw upon is a blank, it's the most saddest thing seriously :( Well my reason for coming here was to post this video so here you go my love I hope you can here it being played where your at :|

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