Friday, October 1, 2010

Tomorrow I lay to rest the body of my dd not her soul because it lives on through others as we respected her wishes to Donate Life. She was beautiful, bold, vibrant, smart and just so straight forward. She was planning her birthday party next month and getting ready to drop a class from her schedule she was complaining about this and that as any other 17 year old would do.
On Wednesday 9.22 morning she left w/out saying goodbye to me but had her friend call me later to say she forgot her phone and to call her on her friends. I did call later that afternoon and awaited her arrival from her Big Day at The Big E she came home with gifts as she always did she was so not selfish and loved to share w/her siblings. We discussed her whole day for over a half hour, she was not feeling well from all the Fair food she had eaten and said she was off to take a shower she did and then came back to check in with me said she felt a lil better and was off to bed, I said I love you and I'll see you tomorrow she said ok as usual then a few minutes later Tragedy struck from one moment to the next our lives changed and the details are a lil hard to come to terms with but I feel everyone must have their own ideas and I want everything to be clear and out in the open on what happened..................
Charlie suffered a seizure and went into cardiac arrest (her heart just stopped) it was a fluke and still undetermined on why & how. General ideas have been formed but it was a horrible tragedy.
Charlie lost her fight for life on Saturday those 4 days at the hospital were an eternity for me days and evenings that went on and I'm not sure how we got through them it's all a daze still.
Her presence is still here in our home her siblings, and other family still feel her. I take comfort in feeling and knowing that. I also take comfort in knowing that she had an amazing day with her classmates from the EWHS Band and Color Guard.....
I only ask that you give her younger siblings space and let them grieve and be respectful of their feelings as it's a hard time for all of us and being in school with a million and one questions it's harder on them. I thank you all for your prayers, support and sympathy.
I know we will be celebrating her life at the EWHS some time next week. Details to come
For now if you'd like to Donate to The Charlie Gonzalez Memorial Fund to help cover Hospital and Funeral costs any amount is appreciated and helpful

Thanks Again and just continue to keep us in your prayers and sending us Positive Vibes

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  1. my deepest condolences to you and your family marnel... be strong ok - fliffy