Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Today is the day that Charlie's classmates, teachers & family will celebrate her life in a Celebration of life ceremony. I am trying my hardest to mentally prepare myself I want to go because it's a tribute to her and the way she will always be remembered to everyone. I've been playing out so many things in my mind. I miss so much and hate not being woken up by her 5 mins before her bus was going to come she'd run in say goodbye and tell me all of these things I wasn't suppose to forget!
I hate not hearing about her day and all of the juicy details she would share. I hate that she's not here to guide her siblings w/her wisdom and sarcasm when they are in there petty fight modes. I hate that she's not teaching me new things everyday, yes she was my teacher young as she was. I am hating right now I know but I miss seeing her sitting on the couch watching TV, listening to her IPOD or texting someone on her phone yes she was good at multi-tasking these 3 things... :(
The following photos are of her last day at the BIG E these photos are like Gold to me and I look at them everyday and can't seem to grasp that this is it.. I could ask why till my mouth is dry but I'd never get a reasonable answer at least not for my satisfaction.

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