Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Organ Donation

Today I got the letter from Life Choice and while it made me very sad to know what it was it also humbled me to know through our suffering and the tragedy that happened we were all able to help others by donating your organs. As you had always said that you wanted to donate your body to science and you thought it was so cool that the exhibit was going around "BODIES" and you had mentioned you wanted to see it and that it was great that people would do that donate, so we did what you were always compassionate about 'giving'. I know this trait will continue to live on through the others you have donated to. As you already know but for everyone else...
The receiver of your major organs are
A 61yr old female who received her transplant in Connecticut
A 57yr old male who received his transplant in Connecticut
A 9yr old female who received her transplant in Connecticut
A 3yr old female who received her transplant in Massachusetts
A 5yr old male who received his transplant in New York
A 72yr old male who received his transplant in Pennsylvania
A 55yr old male who received his transplant in North Carolina
I know that you know who has what so I won't put that here.
I ♥ you Charlie....

I have been overcome with so many emotions this week my ups and downs have been on a roller coaster this week. I was very happy and then sad the day of your Birthday, it was such a beautiful evening because your friends came over and celebrated with me your 18th Birthday, we lit candles, had cupcakes, took pic's, and Nelson lit a fire in the pit. I didn't want to go and sit in front of it because I knew what that pit meant to you but your papi insisted that we must go to be closer to you. I almost didn't make it but I pulled up my big girl panties and walked over there where we released some balloons that Helena bought for you and roasted some marshmallows which you loved to do!! I miss you so much Charlie and with every breath I take I tend to feel guilt they say that's normal but what's normal right now?


  1. It's beautiful that she has given life to so many people!! Hopefully knowing the joy you brought these families will somehow give you peace!

  2. Ohhh Mary you and your family are so deep in my thoughts Sweetie at this very very sad time. I can only imagine the heart wrenching pain you are all going though. :( I agree with Shirley, it's so beautiful that Charlie has given life to so many others and I hope this can bring you some peace one day soon knowing that Charlie is living on in so many walks of life.

    Sending you all loads of Hugs, Kisses, Love and Light Sweetie.