Friday, October 8, 2010

Helping Hand Charity

I know my words will never be enough to convey how I am Deeply touched by this heartfelt & wonderful Collaboration amongst all of these Designers I've Created for directly
through their Personal team or Store team.... I will be eternally grateful and I know Charlie is to, she was one that would try to help someone as much as she could no matter what she was going through in her own personal life she would try to lend a hand and an ear for those who were in need and that's what made her standout amongst others. I will miss her being their for her siblings as she was so smart and just so on point with them I was always in
awwweee of how she handled daily situations... what will I do now as I don't possess her sharp wisdom or tongue for that matter! I continue to take one day at a time.
Continue to pray for us and send us positive thoughts!
Helping Hand {A Charity Collab}
All the proceeds from this collab (- paypal fees) will go towards the
Charlie Gonzalez Memorial Fund.

Participating designers:
ad77design, Amy Stoffel, AnnaBV Designs, Berry Sweet Designs, Boutique Cute Doll, Captivated Visions, Che Yang, ChrissyW,
Cindy Schneider, Crystal Livesay, Darcy Baldwin, Designs by Anita, Designs by Doodelle, Designs by Kat, Diamante Designs, Dunia, EHStudios, Erinink, Eva Kipler, Faith True, Flash Line Designs, Heather Roselli, Heather T., Irene Alexeeva, Iscrap, Joyce Paul, Ju Kneipp, Julie Billingsley, Julie Bullock, Kristin Cronin-Barrow, Lauren Grier, Lauraskathi, Libby Weifenbach, Lyndsay Riches, Lleilla Designs, Loreta Labarca, Meghan Mullens, Melissa Bennett, Misty Cato, Misty Mareda, mle Card, Penny Springmann, Polly & Rufus Designs, Re Kneipp, RuthMelody Designs, Sabrina's Creations, Sashinamama Designs, Shawna Clingerman, Studio Basic,
Three Paper Peonies, Tracy Little, Traci Reed, Tracy Stroud,
Yoshiko Designs, Ziggle Designs, Zoe Pearn.

Participating CT Members
Amy (mymalloryboys), Biancka, , Bianka (Topsi), Chris (hutchie), Elena (Libria), Helen, Jen (justjen), Joey_M, Jippo, Leilani (inklover13), Mi Monteiro, Natascha,
Nikki (Nixxie), Paula Bruno, Suzie (mum2gnt), Tinci, Tronesia.

Please know that you can also donate directly to the
Charlie Gonzalez Memorial Fund.
Webster Bank Acct# 0021575909
or via

Here's a slideshow of some the QP's I snagged and used before the kit went live.....

before I sign off I want to personally Thank everyone of you that has contributed to her fund. It really means alot and we greatly appreciate it, it's a tremendous help for our family :|
Mary Martinez & Family

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